Monday, March 3, 2008

Philly Lands Soccer Team

The MLS announced last week that the new expansion team will be awarded to Philadelphia. It was between St. Louis and Philly but after Philly got the funds for a stadium, it was a one city race. The stadium, on the Chester waterfront, will be finished in 2010 and that's is when the team will start competing with other Major League Soccer teams. The team has not been named yet (but it figures to be the "Liberty" or Philly "Freedom").

It seems like their will be many fans at the stadium in the debut year (there have already been thousands who have reserved season tickets). But will the fans stay? That is the question. I think it really depends on how the team plays. Philly fans care about how their team does and that's about all. If the team plays well, they should be able to fill the stadium. The team should also play and exciting form of soccer (their are plenty of boring ways of playing soccer). Historically, expansion teams haven't done well at all (like the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Texans).

I really hope the team does well and attracts fans. The team will sellout the first couple of years, but will they be able to hold that up. Soccer is one of the best sports to watch when played effectively. Let's hope they play effectively.

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