Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here We Come Duke!

duke blue devils Pictures, Images and PhotosVillanova Wildcats Pictures, Images and Photos

Villanova will play Duke late Thursday night in a Sweet 16 matchup. This ought to be a close game. Both teams have excellent guards. For Villanova, Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher control the backcourt. Duke gets most of their points from the backcourt of John Scheyer and wingman Gerald Henderson (who's from Philly, no less).

I did pick Villanova in this game, mainly because they are a hometown team. But now that I begin to think about it, the Wildcats have a very realistic shot of sending the Blue Devils packing. These teams are oddly similar. Both teams rely on consistent shooting. I told you about the guards, but both teams also have skilled big men: Kyle Singler for Duke and Dante Cunningham for Villanova. It should be a fun matchup.

There aren't any real cinderella team in this year's 16. You have 12th seeded Arizona, but I don't consider them a cinderella. They are from the Pac-10 and are usually ranked in the top 25. A cinderella can't be from the a power conference like the Pac-10.

It may seem like I am disappointed there is no cinderella, but I'm not. There will be plenty of great games on this weekend. Kansas-Michigan State, Syracuse-Oklahoma, and Missouri-Memphis, just to name a few.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Tournament Picks

First Round Upsets

VCU over UCLA- VCU upset Duke in last years Tournament. They can do it again.

Temple over Arizona State- I go to go with the hometown Owls here. Plus, Arizona State enters the tournament on a cold streak.

Utah State over Marquette

Sweet 16 Teams

East Region

Florida State

South Region

North Carolina


Michigan State



Elite 8 Teams









Final Four


National Championship

Kansas vs. Pittsburgh

Kansas is my National Champion

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The U.S. baseball team has just finished up a game against Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic. The final score was 11-1 Puerto Rico, with the game stopped in the 7th inning due to the 10-run mercy rule. The U.S. pitchers not only got clobbered, the hitters got outsmarted too. It is an embarrassment for the country who callsbaseball their pastime.

I have to confess that I did not watch most of the game. By the time I turned it on, it was 5 or 6 to 1, with Puerto Rico ahead early. I decided college basketball would be much more interesting at the time. I did watch some of the game; however, and I was not impressed.

Jake Peavy was the starting pitcher tonight. The Jake Peavy that showed up tonight was not the Jake Peavy that showsup on most nights. In his two innings of work, he gave up six out of the eleven runs Puerto Rico scored.

All in all, four U.S. players record hits in the game. The other five players were 0 for 3. Usually, teams like to have more players hit than go hit less. Somebody better alert Team USA.

The main reason this game was an embarrassment was because Team USA couldn't even last all nine innings. The mercy rule saved us viewers from watching the slaughter any longer. It was like those shows on Animal Planet where a pack of lions eat a zebra. It was an unequal matchup and a painful scene to watch.

Temple Gets NCAA Bid

dionte christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

The Temple Owls will be going to the NCAA Tournament. We know that for sure after the Owls beat the Dusqusne Dukes in the Atlantic 10 championship game. The Owls were impressive in the game, especially Lavoy Allen. The sophomore forward Allen scored 10 points and grabbed 14 boards.

Dionte Christmas is the go-to-guy in the Owls offense. Christmas had 29 on the game, and went a fantastic 7-16 from the three point line. The Owls have been playing really well. Last night, they beat Xavier, who were heavily favored and ranked at the time. I did not see that game because I was at the Sixers last game at the Spectrum (scroll down for full story).

I think Temple would have gained an at-large bid to the tourney anyway with their win over Xavier. But now, at least there will be no doubts. Temple is hot right now, and that's the key to making a run deep in March. I think the Owls can make a run. I see them as an 8-10 seed right now. Tomorrow the brackets will be announced.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sixers Win in Last Game at Spectrum

Wachovia Spectrum Photo - Philadelphia PA Pictures, Images and Photos

I just got back from the Spectrum to watch the Sixers play their last game there before it is knocked down. It is an historic moment in Philadelphia sports because the Spectrum hosted the Sixers and Flyers for many years. Although, they no longer play their, both team's championships have come there. Many former Sixers were there including Julius "Dr. J" Erving and Moses Malone.

The Sixers ended up winning the game 104-101 over the Chicago Bulls. It was a hard fought game for the Sixers and they deserved to win. Thaddeus Young played a terrific game, scoring 31 points. He is really progressing for a player only in his sophomore season in the NBA. Another good, young player, Marreese Speights, added 10 off the bench for the Sixers. I think these two players will soon be the face of the Sixers.

Before the game, Dr. J made a nice speech, basically thanking all of the Sixer fans. It was a nice token from a guy who has become an icon in this city. When they announcing the former players there, the Doc's cheers were probably twice as loud. It was a special moment for all Sixers fans.

I am very happy I attended the game. I (along with many other Philly fans) have made many memories at the Spectrum. No, it's not as big or convenient as the Center, but it sure does get a heck of a lot louder in there. The floor is sticky and the hallways are cramped (forget about leg room), but the Spectrum will always be "America's Showplace."

The reason they are blowing up the Spectrum? It's to build a hotel combined with a mall. I don't know where they are going to get the money for that but that's the plan. And, quite frankly, it's a waste of a stadium. Who needs more hotels or malls? I would much rather have the Spectrum.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They Better Have a Plan

The Philadelphia Eagles, as you probably already know, will begin the 2009-2010 season without safety Brain Dawkins. Dawkins has been with the team since his rookie season in 1996. He was the defensive leader for the Eagles on and off the field. It will be weird to see Dawkins in a Denver Broncoes jersey next year. I speak for all Eagle fans when I say we will miss number 20.

It was a buisness decision the Eagles made when they let Dawkins go. They figured that he didn't have many more high-performance years left in his 35-year old body. Joe Banner and Jeffery Lurie (the two most hated men in Philly right now) clearly don't see the value in offering Dawkins a two or three year deal. They must not understand how much he leads and mentors the guys on defense. I even heard Quentin Mikel say that Dawkins took him under his wing.

I am not that suprised that the Eagles let Dawk go. It is exactly the kind of classless thing you would expect them to do. They did it to Jeremiah Trotter, and they did it to B-Dawk. Don't think they wouldn't do it to current player on the Eagles today. That's just how they operate.

What are the Eagles going to do? That seems like the million-dollar question floating around Philly today. The Seahawks signed receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who the Eagles were interested in. I think they may make a trade, utilizing those two first round draft picks. Torry Holt and Anquan Boldin have been mentioned. I think if Kurt Warner (please, please, please!) signs with a team other than Arizona, Boldin will demand a trade. That would open the door for the Eagles.

Joe Banner has publicly said that he wouldn't be able to spend all the money the Eagles had if he tried. He a list that should help him out with his little problem:
  • Resign some of your current players (Hint: Tre Thomas, Jon Runyan).
  • Pile it up in front of McNabb's door so he can't make it to training camp.
  • Three words: Five Dollar Footlongs
  • Buy Andy Reid a cheese steak
  • Atlantic City, anyone!