Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Tebow Will Lead the Gators to a Victory

Tomorrow's college football championship game will be very interesting. Two very talented teams will be facing off for all the marbles. Everyone knows Oklahoma's offense is great (if not THE greatest). Sam Bradford (right) is the best pocket passer in the nation, and he has a star-studded group of players around him. Tim Tebow is the complete quarterback. In my opinion, he IS the best player in college football. The man can run like a bull, and throw with precision, the absolute complete package. Florida Running back Percy Harvin is widely recognized as one of the fastest men in the game.

My pick in this game is Florida. I think the speed of the Gators will overwhelm the Sooners. Also, I think that Tim Tebow is a great leader and he will do absolutely anything to win this game for his team. He should have won the Heisman, but more importantly he'll win this game. A member of the Oklahoma squad said that if Tebow was playing in the Big 12, that he would be the fifth best quarterback in the conference. It was foolish for him to say something like that. Doesn't he realize that that kind of trash talk just makes Tim more determined?

Bradford is a great player, but Tebow is a clear notch above. Maybe Tebow doesn't get any respect from the draftniks but he contributes more to his team than Bradford. He is more valuable. Whether he's running up the gut, or threading the needle, Tebow is always trying to do what's is best for his team.

My Projected Score: Florida 37

Oklahoma 30

This will most certainly be a close game, making it a close one to call. I would appreciate it if you listed your projections for this game in this comments below.

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