Friday, February 6, 2009

It is Time

It is time for the Eagles to go out and get a premium receiver. Many will say that time has long since past, but I think their is still hope. Two such guys may be available to the Eagles this offseason. One guy, T.J. Houshmandzadeh will be a free agent and has openly said that Philadelphia is one of his top choices. The other, Anquan Boldin, clearly wants out of Arizona, the the Eagles may be able to acquire him in a trade.

Let start with T.J. (I going to call him "T.J." because I don't feel like typing that last name every time I mention him). He said on a local radio show that he would be interested in joining the Eagles if the Eagles are interested in adding him. T.J. is 31 and would be a good option for the Eagles if they want to have a couple chances at the Super Bowl with McNabb and him. He has been a very good receiver for a number of years, but has been overshadowed by his more flamboyant (and recently less productive) teammate Chad Johnson.

If you want a long term option (or an After the McNabb Years option), Boldin would be your guy. He is coming off an off year with the Cardinals. Yes, his team did play in the Super Bowl, but he was plagued with injuries and sour contract negotiations. I personally think Boldin is a better receiver than his teammate Larry Fitzgerald. Boldin is better when it comes down to running after the catch. He is tough as nails and only 28 years old.

Now, what do we do to get these guys? I have a plan to get each guy. Boldin would be the hardest to obtain because the Cardinals would be asking a lot for him. The Eagles have two first round picks. Maybe they could package BOTH those picks together with a young player (like one of their young linebackers). They could only use one first rounder to get him, but they would have to give the Cardinals a quality player. I'm thinking Sheldon Brown or Lito Sheppard.

Getting T.J. is a lot easier. First, fork over the dollars (you may even have to use a fork to pry them out of Joe Banner's wallet). Second, let L.J. Smith walk. Smith is injured most of the time, and when he is playing, he is no better (worse, actually much worse) then Brent Celek. Tight ends need to be able to block. L.J. Smith can't block.

Chances are the Eagles aren't going to get either of these guys. But, hey, the Eagles have surprised us before.

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  1. Nice article, sir. Very well written. I agree a fork would be neccessary to use to get Joe Banner to cough over the money. But, I didn't know there was a "Bret" Celek on the Eagles. I guess Joe Buck pronounced the "n" in his name because he's an idiot. Learn something new everyday I suppose ;)