Friday, April 11, 2008

Flyers Lose First Game

The Flyers have just concluded their first playoff game with a 5-4 loss to the Washington Capitols. They will play again on Sunday in Washington. The Flyers played well in the first period and excellent in the second. But they played extremely sloppy in the third as they gave up three goals, including the winning one by Capitols' star Alexander Ovechkin. The Flyers are a horrible defense team and that showed tonight. They also back up and back up until they inevitably let in the goalie. If they continue to play such atrocious defense, coach John Stevens might as well send out no defensemen (at least nobody would screen Biron). Speaking of Stevens, if I were general manager Paul Holmgren, I would fire Stevens mid-series. Stevens has effectively taught the Flyers how to play ineffective defense. They make Phillies shortstop Eric Bruntlett look like a Gold Glove award winner. I like what Stevens has done with the offense (they have great depth). Maybe they should hire a defense coordinator and keep Stevens as a offensive coordinator (I'm looking at former Steelers coach Bill Cowher as a possible candidate). I still think the Flyers will win the series but if they don't, it will be because of their defense.

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