Sunday, July 6, 2008

Phils Extend Lidge's Contract

The Phillies have just locked up Brad Lidge for the next three years.  The Phillies signed their closer to a three-year deal worth 37.5 million dollars.  Lidge has been impeccable since joining the Phillies last offseason.  Lidge has 19 saves this season while sporting a 0.77 ERA.  Lidge has been a key part to the Phillies team this season.  Lidge was also named to the National League All-Star team.  The only other Phillie to be named to the team was Chase Utley.

Lidge has been very good this season and obviously the Phils would like him to stick around for a while.  But is this a good decision.  Lidge has been up and down in his career.  He was the closer for the Astros and pitched spectacular.  But then Lidge took a sudden decline and lost the closing job.  He looks to be back in prime form this year but this may be another Tom Gordon situation.  Gordon was the Phillies closer during the 2006 season and pitched extrememly well.  He was also named to the all-star team.  But last season Gordon got injured early in the season, which forced Brett Myers into the closing role.  Gordon has never pitched the same since his injury.  He has pitched average this season.

Lidge does have quite the history of injury.  He had to have a minor surgery on his knee during spring training and has suffered shoulder troubles in the past.  I don't think this is a good move by the Phillies.  They should have waited to September to see if Lidge could continue his success.  The Phillies like to give out contracts prematurely (Jim Thome) and I think this a prime example.  

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