Friday, June 5, 2009

Johnson Cements Legacy with 300th Win

Randy Johnson won his 300th game on Thursday against our friends the Nationals. A pitcher's 300th win is quite a milestone. It is more of a milestone than 500 home runs for a hitter nowadays. Before, it used to be easier to win 300 games than to hit 500 dingers because pitchers pitched every other night and hitters were hitting the dead ball or simply just didn't have enough power. Today, maybe because of the juice, 500 homers are much more common.

Congratulate the Big Unit, because we may not see a 300 game-winner for a long time. Jamie Moyer is the closest with 250-some wins but everyone knows he is not going to win 50 more games at the age of 46. Younger pitchers like C.C. Sabathia would have to win close to 20 games for the rest of their careers.

Randy Johnson is an excellent pitcher. Most call him intimidating because of his 6-10 frame and his close to 100 mile-per-hour heater. I'd half to agree with that. If I was up there against him, I'd swing like John Kruk and get the heck out of the way. After all, I don;t want to end up like the bird.

Johnson is an eight-time all-star and has won over 20 games three times. He kept an ERA under 3 for seven individual seasons. He is a clear hall of famer who will be remembered for many moments, mostly intimidating.

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