Friday, July 10, 2009

Updated Phillies Rumors

        The Phillies have been all over the news this week about their quest to better their pitching staff.  Phillies scouts have been looking at Pedro Martinez in the Dominican Republic.  Pedro was scheduled to throw in front of Phils scouts today at 1pm.  If all goes well, the Phillies will likely give Martinez a physical and then a contract.

        The Phils are taking a flier on the 37-year old former Metropolitan.  Martinez is an 8-time all-star and a 3-time Cy Young award winner, but his last season with a double digit win total came in 2005.  Pedro would be a nice addition to the rotation because he could fill that revolving door 5th starter position.  He most likely be better than a combination of Antonio Bastardo and Rodrigo Lopez.

        The rumor that really excites us Phillies fans is the one that says the Phillies are the frontrunners to land Toronto ace Roy Halladay.  Halladay is 10-3 currently with an ERA under 3.  In order to get Halladay from the Blue Jays the Phillies would most likely have to give up several top prospects.

       Even if the Phillies sign Martinez, that does not mean they are done going after Halladay.  Halladay is a star who can be a big difference maker with the Phils.  The Phillies are just hoping to get a few good months out of Pedro and they will be happy.

        The Phillies front office believes that there are some "untouchable" prospects in their organization. blogger Todd Zolecki reports that the untouchables are pitchers Kyle Drabek and Jason Knapp, and outfielder Dominic Brown.  

        The Phillies best chance to repeat as champions would be to obtain Halladay.  They should package together prospects for him but they may have to use one of their "untouchables" to get him.  Manager Charlie Manuel has likened Drabek to a young Tom Seaver.  That's quite a complement from somebody who has been in baseball so long.

       Here's an offer I would make to the Blue Jays: Pitcher  J.A. Happ
                                                                                          Infieder Jason Donald
                                                                                          Either Dominic Brown or Micheal Taylor
                                                                                          Pitcher Joe Savery
        Now you have to realize that this is a hypothetical.  I'm not sure what the Jays actually want and who the Phillies are willing to give.  Even if the Phils gave up these players, their farm system would not be ruined.  They would still have Kyle Drabek, Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco, either Dominic Brown or Michael Taylor, and others. 

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