Friday, April 23, 2010

Eagles Draft Update

As day two of the 2010 NFL draft winds down, it's time to evaluate how the Eagles have done so far. The Eagles decided to trade up in yesterday's first round to take defensive end Brandon Graham at #13. The Eagles fully expect Graham to become a playmaker on the otherside of Pro-Bowler Trent Cole. Graham is a little undersized for a D-end, but he is descirbed as having a "great motor." Then again, 95% percent of the guys picked are described as having a great motor.

I think this was a good pick for the Eagles. They need an impact player on the D-line to take away attention from Trent Cole. Time will tell on whether Graham can become that player. I just hope he doesn't turn into Jerome MacDougal.

The Eagles then selected safety Nate Allen with the "Donovan McNabb pick" (37th overall). The Eagles have not been able to replace Brian Dawkins and they hope Allen (USF) can help fill the void left by the future hall-of-famer.

After selecting Allen, the Eagles started stockpiling draft picks. They traded the 55th pick (2nd round) to the Cowboys for the 59th overall pick and a fourth rounder. The dealing did not stop there. The Birds decided to trade the 59th pick to the Browns for the 71rst overall pick (3rd round) and two 5th rounder. Not so fast.... then the Eagles traded that 3rd rounder to the Packers for the 83rd pick (3rd round) and a fourth rounder.

Finally the Eagles decided to pick a player with that 83rd overall pick. That player was Washington defensive end Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. This pick confused me a little bit. Now, I have never heard of Te'o-Nesheim, but he was projected to be available in the 6th and 7th rounds. According to the "experts", the Eagles reached a bit. Also, I'm not understanding why they are picking another defensive end.

The Eagles now have nine picks for tomorrow. Then again they could trade out of the 4th round and wind up with 10 picks in the last two rounds (makes sense to me). The Eagles love to wheel-and-deal come draft time. They may like it a bit too much, possibly more than drafting players. So, the Eagles have four fourth round picks, two fifth rounders, a sixth rounder, and two seventh rounders.... have fun!

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