Wednesday, August 11, 2010

McNabb Fan Asked to Remove Jersey at Eagles Camp

A fan wearing a Washington Redskins Donovan McNabb jersey at Eagles training camp was approached by Eagles security. Security asked Jim Devlin, 43, remove the jersey. Devlin said on 97.5 the fanatic that the security guard told him that head coach Andy Reid requested he take the jersey off.

Of course, the Eagles denied that Reid asked to have the fan take the jersey off. Here are comments from Devlin (acquired from "I just wanted to get reactions from the fan base, see who says what. Maybe get in a healthy debate on whether Donovan McNabb was good or bad for this franchise.

"I'm fine. Everybody was very cool, calm, professional and did not make a big deal about it. They asked me, and I figured I'm a guest at their facility, so why not make life easier for everybody?"

"Nobody really thought I was really wrong. They asked me to do something, and I was more than happy to do it."

I find this story very funny. The Eagles like to control every little thing. I am an Eagles fan but I am by no means fans of Andy Reid, or owners Jeffery Lurie and Joe Banner. I'm sick of their control freak attitude and ignorance.

Lure and Banner don't care whether the team win or lose, as long as they have a capacity crowd at the Linc. Of course, they will, and make just as much money. This team will not win a Super Bowl until the three amigos are no longer affiliated with the Eagles.

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