Sunday, September 9, 2007

Eagles Preview/ Notre Dame-Penn State Recap and More

The Eagles play their first game today at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. That means that they will be playing the durable Brett Farve. The Packers don't have much running game though, so the defense should not be tested in that category. If Brett is on his game, this should be a good one but if he lobs it up for multiple interceptions, the Eagles should win this game by a heathy margin. Hopefully the Eagles remember their vow to run it more this season. Brian Westbrook deserves to get the ball more. He makes something out of nothing out there. McNabb will play good because he always starts out the season ready and on a roll. I think Kevin Curtis will play a major roll in this offense all year. I am not that worried about the defense. I think they will play the run better this year and the DB's are always good. I think the offensive line will protect McNabb well and the defense line will get to Farve at least three times. My prediction is 28-14 Eagles at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.
Penn State beat Notre Dame 31-10 yesterday. Notre Dame played good in the first half but then the Penn State offense took over in the second half. The first score came when Darrin Walls returned a interception, thrown by Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli, 73 yards to the house. Penn State came back with a big play of their own at the end of the first half when Derrick Williams returned a punt 78 yards. The game was tied to begin the second quarter. The Nittany Lions scored four more times during the game with the Fighting Irish scoring only once. Jimmy Clausen was pretty good in his first college start. He was 17 of 32 passing with 144 yards and one interception. He threw for more yards than Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli (131 yards passing). I think Jimmy Clausen will develope into a star in Notre Dame but maybe not this year.
I did watch the Phillies yesterday as they beat the Florida Marlins 9-1 in the game of the week on Fox. Joe Girardi was the color commentator in the broadcasting booth. You know him because he managed the Marlins last year and one NL Manager of the Year award. I thought he did an awesome job calling the game yesterday afternoon. Now maybe it was just because his former team, the Marlins, were playing but I thought he did a great job trying to make the fans watching know what is going on in a players head. He noticed every little detail during the game and told us if the player made a mistake or if the player did something good and why it was happening. The man knows a lot about baseball and I don't know why the Marlins fired him. I even thought that when he got fired but now I think that even more.

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