Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spying Patriots

NFL commissoner Roger Goodell concluded yesterday that the New England Patriots had broken NFL rules. The Patriots are said to have video taped the New York Jets', the team they played on Sunday, defensive signals. Officials took away a camera and video tape from a Patriot's assistant coach. Goodell is even thinking about taking away the Pats draft picks. He said what the Pats did broke a competitive violation. The Patriots will be able to present their case, however, probably by phone on Friday. The league said the Pats have been suspected in the past of doing something similar to what they did on Sunday.

The big part of this case for me, is that the Pats have been suspected of things like this before. Who knows when they have done it before. In Super Bowls and playoff games that were close, did they video tape the other team's signals? Did they do it against the Eagles in the Super Bowl a few years ago? Is Tom Brady as good as people think he is or is he getting help from coaches telling him the other teams plays? Bill Belichek is a respected coach around the league but will that change with these allegations popping up. My respect for the Pats has fell considerably.

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