Monday, September 10, 2007

Special Woes

The Philadelphia Eagles lost their first game of the season yesterday, 13-16 to the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay exploted all the Eagle's mistakes. Guess what the biggest mistake was? Punt returning. Out of all the problems I thought would plague the Eagles, punt returning was NOT one of them. If you didn't watch this game I will give you a recap. Greg Lewis fumbled the ball in the first quarter off a punt and it rolled into the endzone and was recovered by Green Bay for a touchdown. Then rookie kicker Mason Crosby nailed a 53-yard field goal to give the Packers a 10-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. Eagle kicker, David Akers, kicked a 33-yarder threw the uprights. McNabb then drove down the field and threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to second year recevier Jason Avant. So the score is tied at the half. David Akers then booted in his second field goal of the season, a 47-yarder, to put the Eagles ahead. Mason Crosby then evened it out with a field goal, a 37-yarder. So it is tied,13-13, going into the fourth. So, the Eagles D makes a big stop late in the fourth quarter and the Packers punt it to J.R Reed. It is short and with mutiple Packers around him, he dives for it and bobbles it with 59 seconds left and a tie game. Packers ball in field goal range and Crosby puts it home for the game-winning field goal. The whole team played pretty good, the defense especially. McNabb played good but not great. The punt returning ruined the game. Greg Lewis and J.R Reed, you don't have to field a punt, you know that? The Eagles recently cut punt returning specialist Jeremy Bloom, who probably wouldn't have fielded those punts. You would like to have him on the team now, wouldn't ya, Andy.


  1. The Eagles caught a tough's a shame the game ended the way it did. Better luck next time I guess.

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