Monday, November 12, 2007

Eagles Pull Out Victory!

The Eagles got an emotional victory yesterday, one that might spark a late-season run, but let's not get there yet. The Eagles did upset the Redskins, 33-25, in Washington. The was not without mistakes, though, but let's not be negative yet. Running back Brian Westbrook had a great game, as usual. He scored three touchdowns alone. This game had so many twists and turns. This game was plagued by penalties, on both teams.
Donovan McNabb did alright although he did not have so much accuracy. Not many people know this: McNabb did get injured in the first half of yesterday's game. A.J. Feeley did start to warm up, but McNabb said he was ready to play.
The defense did not do particularly good yesterday, for they made Jason Campbell look like an all-star. But they did make one good stand late in the game. The Redskins had the ball deep in the red zone and they Eagles stopped them seven times when they were at the eight yard line. The refs practically tried to win the game, for they gave the Redskins a new set of downs.
This game was a lot closer than the scoreboard read but this game was a tough game in which the Eagles won. They have not had a lot of luck in tough games this season. The Eagles have a gimme game next week against the no-win Dolphins. That game should get them to .500 and right in the race for the NFC Wild Card. But then they have tough games against New England, Seattle, the Giants, Dallas, and New Orleans. Their last game is at home against Buffalo. So, the Eagles would have to go on a real good streak to make the playoffs. But hey, they won a game.

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