Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NFL Picks of the Week

Last week: 10-6

Green Bay Detroit: winner-Green Bay
Green Bay has shown it is a solid team going 9-1 in the first 10 games.
New York Jets at Dallas: winner-Dallas
Sure, the Jets surprised Pittsburgh last week but they are not good enough to beat a hot Cowboys team.
Indianapolis at Atlanta: winner-Indianapolis
This should be a confidence-building win for the Colts as they look forward to the postseason.
Tennessee at Cincinnati: winner-Tennessee
The Bengals have absolutely no running game and the Titans have all running game. That should make the difference in this game.
Houston at Cleveland: winner-Houston
The Texans will just edge out the Browns in this one.
Oakland at Kansas City: winner-Kansas City
The Chiefs really need to win this game and they should do that playing at home.
Seattle at St. Louis: winner-Seattle
Matt Hassleback played well last game and he should continue at that pace against the woeful Rams.
Minnesota at New York Giants: winner-Giants
The Giants are simply a better team than the Vikings.
Washington at Tampa Bay: winner-Tampa Bay
The Bucs are a good team slipping under the radar at 6-4. Jeff Garcia is playing well. Washington is in a slump and should continue at that pace.
New Orleans at Carolina: winner-New Orleans
I don't know what's up with the Saints but they have to beat the Panthers. Right?
Buffalo at Jacksonville: winner-Jacksonville
The Jaguars have been winning and Buffalo shouldn't stop them this week.
San Francisco at Arizona: winner-Arizona
The 49ers lost to the Rams last week. The Rams. Alex Smith may not even be 100% anyway.
Denver at Chicago: winner-Denver
Jay Cutler showed that he can come up big in games and he will do it again this week.
Baltimore at San Diego: winner-San Diego
Baltimore has been stinking up the place in recent weeks.
Philadelphia at New England: winner-New England
Sorry, we are in for a slaughtering of record proportions.
Miami at Pittsburgh: winner-Pittsburgh
Sorry Miami, O-11.

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