Sunday, November 4, 2007

Preview: Cowboys at Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are going up against their arch rivals Dallas Cowboys tonight at Lincoln Financial Field (left) on national television. This game is being overshadowed by the Patriots-Colts game of the year, but this game has major implications in the NFC East. If the Eagles win, they are .500 and still in the playoff talk. Also, if the Eagles win, the Cowboys might get discouraged and lose a string of games. If the Cowboys win, the Eagles are most likely out of the playoff race. It should be a fun game.
T.O. returns to Philly, and the fans should clobber him, especially with the game starting at 8:15. The Eagles are looking to show their fans that they can beat a decent team and no one better than the Cowboys with the nation watching. McNabb wants to return to his old form in this game, and I think he will. The Eagles have to try to break apart the Dallas D by passing the ball, and then give the ball to Westbrook for big games. The Eagles D line needs to get to Tony Romo. If you put pressure on Romo, he will throw interceptions. T.O. better watch out with Dawkins rooming the backfield for the first time since his injury. You have to think that Dawkins won't need any motivation, being as though he is playing he first game back against the divisional-rival Cowboys. Ya better get your popcorn ready.

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  1. I had this one right, I thought the Cowboys would win this one...

    This week I think it's upset time, the Eagles beat the Redskins in an upset!

    Good work keep it up!


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