Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mets Heat Up NL East Race

The Mets have aquired Johan Santana from the Twins earlier this week. This move will certaintly improve the Mets pitching staff and put pressure on other NL East contenders like the Phillies and Braves. The Mets sent four players to Minnesota but they didn't even have to give up their top prospect to get him. Johan is a potential Cy Young award winner who is coming off a off season for him. He was 15-13 last season with a 3.33 ERA. Those numbers may not seem so great but listen to this: Johan has had 15 or more wins since 2004. He also has over 230 strikeouts since 2004. That's four good, consisitent year for Johan and look for him to bounce back to twenty wins this season. Their is no doubt that this deal does not make Johan better. He is coming to a new league (the National League) and is playing for a very good team. The Mets team is looking very good now and I think the Phils need to counter by getting another starter. I not talking big-name pitcher but maybe a decent middle-rotation starter. I think this Johan deal was a very good move for the Mets and that may put them over that World Series hump this year.

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