Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Super Bowl Showdown

So, it will be the Patriots (obviously) against the surprisingly good Giants. New York has been playing well on both sides of the ball, so I think both teams deserve to get their chance at a world championship. Eli Manning showed he can play good consistently against good defenses. I think he has finally proven his relentless critics wrong.

Most people think this Super Bowl isn't even worth watching, but I think this will actually be a good game. The Patriots haven't been playing great recently. They almost lost to a real banged-up Chargers team and the Chargers D forced three Brady interceptions. My early interpretation of this game is that it should be relatively close. I may change that as we near Super Bowl Sunday.

The key for the Giants is to get their terrific pass rush to Brady. They need Osi Umenyoria, Micheal Strahan , and Justin Tuck to force Brady to make the bad decisions.

As for the Patriots, they just need to play like they've done all year and win, yet again.

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