Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mounting Pressure on Pats

So, it finally happened: the Patriots have finished undefeated in the regular season with 16 wins and no losses. They are the second team to go without a loss in the regular season. The other team to do that was the 1972 Dolphins, who went 13-o. The Patriots are the first team since the NFL implemented a 16 game season to win all 16. The Patriots blew out most teams they faced and lead the league in points, yards, and passing yards. Their quarterback finished the season with a remarkable 117.2 passer rating.

From what I have seen during the season, I can safely say that the Pats had the best regular season in the history of pro football. I don't think they will win it all, though. The Pats do have so many great weapons on both offense and defense, but I think that they will struggle in the playoffs. They also have the Associated Press Coach of the Year in Bill Belichick. The pressure mounting on them is so great because they are expected to win the Super Bowl and it would be a huge disappointment if they don't. They pressure has already started to bring them down. Just look at their late-season games. They just edged out the Giants, Ravens, and Eagles. Only one team in that group (Giants) are heading to the playoffs and has a winning record. The Patriots made some major mistakes against Giants last week. For example, golden boy Brady threw multiple TDs and sure-handed Randy Moss (above, right) dropped a deep pass that was right in his hands. They almost lost to a horrible Ravens team. They also struggled against an Eagles team playing their second-string quarterback. I think when they play a good team with confidence and a nice winning streak, they will be upset. Then again, they will probably win the Super Bowl, just because I said that.

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats won the SuperBowl, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they were upset by another team. The Ravens, Eagles, and Giants (especially the Giants) exposed some chinks in the New England armor. I bet the Giants would have beaten the Pats had they not made the stupid miscues that gave NE momentum. The Patriots can be beaten, only someone just has to do it.