Friday, April 17, 2009

Flyer Lose Tough One in OT

The Philadelphia Flyers lost tonight to the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2, with Bill Guerin of the Pens scoring the game-winner in overtime. The Flyers are now down 2-0 in the series heading to Philly.

The Flyers did play much better in today's contest than they did on Friday in Game 1. They looked unbelievably slow in Game 1, but tonight they showed improvement. The Penguins are tough to beat. The Penguins are impossible to beat when the refs are against you, as they were tonight.

The supposedly bipartisan officials were decidedly partisan. When you give a team (the Penguins) at two man advantage in overtime on chippy penalties, there was no way the Flyers could win. I call what the officials did cheating the game. You never hear of a two man advantage in overtime IN THE PLAYOFFS. Give me a break.

The Flyers need to be more aggressive and physical in Game 3. They need to hammer Penguin star (I use the term "star" lightly here) Sidney "Baby" Crosby. I mean take him out of the game. He needs to be in the locker room injured, or afraid to be hit. I take the injured option myself.

It will be hard for the Flyers to come back in this series. But if they can win the two home games, they will tie the series and have a chance to beat the Pens.

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