Monday, April 6, 2009

Myers Blows Opener

The Philadelphia Phillies opened the 2009 MLB season last night when they hosted the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park. It was a joyous occasion for most Phillies fans, thinking a repeat would be sweet. Last night, every Phils fan was celebrating, until the game started. The Phils lost 4-1 to the Braves, thanks in part to Brett Myers.

Myers gave up all of the four runs the Braves scored in the first two innings. Brian McCann, Jeff Francoeur, and Jordan Schafer all homered off Myers. For Schafer, it was his first major league hit.

Derek Lowe baffled the Phillie hitters all night. Lowe pitched eight innings, sacrificing only two hits. The Phillies finally scored their first run of '09 in the ninth off Mike Gonzalez. The Phillies recorded a measly four hits in the game. I hope this doesn't mean another bad April.

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