Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daily Roundup: 5/1/10

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Phillies Crush Mets: The Phillies rebounded from last night's 9-1 loss with a 10-0 win today over the New York Metropolitans. Roy Halladay pitches a complete game shutout, his third complete game of the year. The Phillies bats may have finally come out of their lengthy slump.

Victorino had a homer and 3 RBIs. Werth, Ibanez, and Castro each drove in 2 runs. Placido Polanco was the only Phillies without a hit in the game. Polanco has really struggled since he got hit in the elbow with a pitch, which cost him to miss a couple of games. The Phillies will play tomorrow night at 8pm in the final game of this series against the Mets.

More on Ryan Madson: The broken toe that put Ryan Madson on the DL was caused by Madson kicking a chair in the hallway leading to the clubhouse. Ryan had just blown a save, and, on his way to the clubhouse, slipped down the steps. This angered him more, which led to the chair-kicking. This is a very stupid way to get injured. A veteran like Madson should know this.

Madson: "I'm frustrated. I'm embarrassed. I let down my teammates and the fans that want us to all be out there and playing hard for them. I feel terrible about that. It's the worst part."

Charlie Manuel: "He was very apologetic. I know exactly how he feels." Manuel said that he once suffered a foot injury from kicking a wall.

Borel, Super Saver Win Kentucky Derby: Jockey Calvin Borel rode Super Saver to a victory in today's Kentucky Derby. On the track at Churchill Downs was a thick mud. I think this is the most mud I've ever seen at one place at one time. But Borel fought through the mud and commanded Super Saver along the rail.

Borel has jockeyed 3 of the last 4 Kentucky Derby winners. This is no coincidence. Borel is clearly a very good jockey. Next year, I may just bet on the horse Borel is on. Hey, I would have won money three of the last four years.

Late Events: Tomorrow in my daily roundup, I may comment on the Union-Galaxy game and the Mayweather-Mosely fight.

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