Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flyers Blow Out Canadiens

The Flyers performed marvelously all around in game one of the Eastern Conference finals, shutting out the Montreal Canadiens 6-0. Yes, the Flyers dominated all game. Yes, Michael Leighton made some key saves. This game looked too good to be true. The Flyers have finally won a game handily for the first time in a long time.

This game started off on the right foot for the Flyers. About four minutes into the game, Braydon Coburn stuffed a puck home to open the scoring for the Flyers. That's all the Flyers would get in the opening period, but they were far from done.

The Flyers would erupt for three goals in the second period. James van Riemsdyk got the puck right off the faceoff and drove to the net, much to the dismay of the Montreal defensemen. He slotted the puck in the net like one would start a game of pinball. Danny Briere, again vying for playoff MVP, unleashed a slapshot right by goalie Jaroslav Halak. Simon Gagne netted a goal shortly thereafter, and that ended a nightmarish night for Halak.

Montreal coach Jacques Martin yelled "Next!" on the bench after that Gagne goal, and Carey Price emerged as the next victim for the Flyers. He managed to hold the Flyers for the rest of second period, much like a dam holds back a river. He would begin to show cracks in the third period.

The Flyers, with the game already put away, were hungry for more. Like a dog who just won't stop eating, the Flyers pounded home two goals in the third period. Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux scored the last two goals, respectively. This game was such a demoralizing loss for the Canadiens.

The Flyers can't get caught up in the moment, though. It was just one game. The next game is a completely different animal. The Canadiens are likely to be chewed out by their coach, and will come out better next game. If not, they might be eaten alive when they get to Montreal for game three. The Flyers need to weather that early storm, and then dominate them like they did during this game.

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