Wednesday, October 31, 2007

76ers Preview

The Philadelphia 76ers will open their season tonight in Toronto where they will face off against the Raptors. Many predictions that you will read say that they will finish last in their the division. I am no different but I think that if the Knicks blow up, like they did last year, then the Sixers will finish above the Knicks. You will see mostly the same faces when you go to the Sixers game. Andre Iguodala is still the star of the team, and with the exception of a couple of draft picks and free agents, this team is mostly the same. They picked up rebounding machine Reggie Evans. Their first two picks, which you might see in a game, are forwards Jason Smith and Thaddeus Young. I think Iggy needs to pick it up this year and carry this team. He has the potential to do it and I think he will. I think he needs to have the ball in his hands a lot if the Sixers hope to win. Andre Miller can give it to him, being as though Miller is one of the league's best in assists. Then, when the team starts to double or triple team Iggy, Miller dishes to Korver for a wide open three.
Overall this season is just to build chemistry with the people on the team and try to win a decent amount of games. That might not happen, though, because their division is pretty tough. Next year the Sixers will have a lot of money to go after some big free agents. But, until then, the Sixers will build a solid nucleus with the players they have. Then again, who knows, they start their season off on Halloween night.

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