Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox Rock Rockies

The Red Sox certainly showed why they are the best baseball team in the world by sweeping the Rockies in the World Series last week. The Red Sox are just too good a mix of hitting and pitching. The Sox made it look easy as they outscored the Colorado Rockies 29-10. Everyone for the BoSox contributed from Manny Ramirez to John Lester.
I guess an eight-day rest for the Rockies cooled them off. Before this series the Rockies won every playoff game they played in this year.
Boston sports fans are joyful for two reasons: one, they won the World Series and two, their football team is undefeated.
The Red Sox are a great team, so don't count them out for next year. Their won't be any post-world championship drought for this team, believe me. They deserve to win.

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