Friday, October 26, 2007

Red Sox Take 2

The Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies last night in game two of the 2007 edition of the World Series of baseball. It was a pitching duel last night as Curt Schilling added to his postseason reputation. The final score was 2-1 Red Sox.
The Bostonians are now leading the series 2-0 and if they win game three, it will be extremely difficult for the Rockies to come back. I would definitely consider this next game, game 3, to be a must-win for the Rockies. If they lose, the Red Sox might bring up Josh Beckett for game 4 and with his history in pitching in big games, you might as well give the trophy to the Sox.
There is an off day today so maybe Clint Hurdle can get his boys together and the Rockies can beat the veteran Red Sox. They need to do better at handling the explosive Red Sox offense. It should be very intresting.

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