Monday, October 15, 2007

Eagles Beat Jets to Save Season

The Eagles just might have relinquished their season yesterday at Giant stadium. It wasn't the most convincing win but hey, if it's a W added on to their record then they will take it. Brian Westbrook gained 156 all-purpose as he dampened the thought that he may still be hampered by an injury that made him miss the Giants game two weeks ago. Kevin Curtis stepped up, with 5 catches for 121 yards and a TD. Reggie Brown finally woke up this game. He had 6 receptions for 89 yards. And even though David Akers continued his kicking woes at Giants Stadium, the Eagles beat the Jets 16-3.

That will improve the Eagles record to 2-3 and might have just kept the Eagles in the playoff picture all together. This win may be a confidence builder and the Eagles might go on a run. Their next opponent is the Chicago Bears and I know what your thinking, "The Eagles won't score a point against that brick wall of a defense." Well, not exactly, the Bears D got run over by the Vikings rookie sensation Adrian Peterson. In my opinion, Westbrook is better than Peterson, so the Eagles should run right through them. Unless, of course, that was just a fluke day for the Bears D and they will come back better then ever next week.

The Eagles looked a lot better this game than any other game besides that Lions game. They kept possession of the ball and advanced it pretty well. McNabb also completed consecutive passes for a first down. That is what McNabb did to gain success this decade and that is what he needs to do this year. The Eagles looked like the Eagles of old yesterday. (well, maybe not old but maybe a couple of years old)

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