Sunday, December 23, 2007

NFL Picks Week

Last week's record: 10-5

New York Giants at Buffalo: winner- Buffalo
Spread: New York by 2 1/2
My Prediction: Bills 24, Giants 20
The Giants have not been playing well recently and they will make too many mistakes in this game too win it. Look for Eli Manning to have a mediocre day.

Green Bay at Chicago: winner- Green Bay
Spread: Green Bay by 8
My Prediction: Packers 31, Bears 10
The Packers strong D will hold QB Kyle Orton and the Bears offense. The Packers should win this game easy and look to take over the 1# spot in the NFC.

Cleveland at Cincinnati: winner- Cleveland
Spread: Cleveland by 2 1/2
My Prediction: Browns 42, Bengals 31
The Browns will run the ball with Jamal Lewis early in the game to open up the deep threat. The Browns will win the second game between these teams this season in another high-scoring affair.

Kansas City at Detroit: winner- Detroit
Spread: Detroit by 4 1/2
My Prediction: Lions 21, Cheifs 17
This should be a snooze-fest between two bad teams. Jon Kitna will air it out all game and while he will throw a couple interceptions, he will throw a few touchdowns also.

Houston at Indianapolis: winner- Indianapolis
Spread: Indianapolis by 7
My Prediction: Colts 28, Texans 24
This game will be more competitive than most people think as the Texans almost pull an upset of the Colts.

Philadelphia at New Orleans: winner- Philadelphia
Spread: New Orleans by 3
My Prediction: Eagles 27, Saints 24
Brian Westbrook will be the force that drives the Eagles to a victory. The Eagles D will hold up well against Drew Brees.

Oakland at Jacksonville: winner- Jacksonville
Spread: Jacksonville by 13
My Prediction: Jaguars 35, Raiders 14
The Jaguars two-back combinations will run right through the Raiders. Look for Fred Taylor to have a big game as he seeks some revenge for not being named to the Pro Bowl.

Atlanta at Arizona: winner- Arizona
Spread: Arizona by 10
My Prediction: Cardinals 24, Atlanta 10
Atlanta is a absolute mess right now and the Cardinals will handle them with ease.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco: winner- Tampa Bay
Spread: Tampa by 5 1/2
My Prediction: Bucs 27, 49ers 7
Jeff Garcia will return to his former dwelling and win in style.

Miami at New England: winner- New England
Spread: New England by 22
My Prediction: Patriots 42, Dolphins 10
So, the Dolphins finally got their first win last week and caught the Big Tina (Bill Parcells). Too bad that was the Dolphins last win.

Baltimore at Seattle: winner- Seattle
Spread: Seattle by 11
My Prediction: Seahawks 27, Baltimore 17
The Seahawks should beat the Ravens in the first half but calm it down in the second half.

Washington at Minnesota: winner- Minnesota
Spread: Minnesota by 6 1/2
My Prediction: Vikings 28, Redskins 20
The Vikings will win the game on the ground, as they always do. Look for Chester Taylor to oust his teammate Adrian Peterson on the ground.

Monday Night:

Denver at San Diego: winner- Denver
Spread: San Diego by 8 1/2
My Prediction: Broncos 28, Chargers 24
The Broncos will win this game through physical play and their ground attack. Look for the Denver D to step up and stop LT.

This Week's Game Breakers

Brian Westbrook: He will lead the Eagles to victory once again with his elusiveness and his great pass-catching ability. He will break big plays off screen passes and cross the goal line more than once.

Fred Taylor: The Jaguars veteran running back has been playing like one of the 50 best running backs ever to play the game. Oh wait, he is. He has never been named to a Pro Bowl even though he is on the list as one of the 50 best rushers ever. He is the only player not to be named to a Pro Bowl on that list. He will show the world why he should be a Pro Bowl back this Sunday.

Chester Taylor: This will be the week of the 'Taylor'. Chester will have a great day this week. Taylor is having a good year but is being overshadowed by superstar rookie Adrian Peterson. Taylor will outshine Peterson this week, however.


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