Friday, October 31, 2008

The Best Parade Ever

The title of this post says it all. The Philadelphia Phillies championship parade this afternoon was spectacular. I was not down at the Bank, but I was on Broad Street near the beginning of the parade. I was in the front row because I got there around 9:15, and the parade didn't start until noon.

The amount of Phillies fans there was simply amazing. It seemed like everyone either took off work or school because there were tons of kids there. When I got there, there were already thousands of people around City Hall, but I was able to find a good spot when I walked down Broad a little bit.

This was the first championship parade I was ever at, so I didn't know what it would be like. The players came by on high floats, waving and cheering along with the fans. Jayson Werth was going absolutely crazy when the float stopped at my intersection. He was squirting beer all over the crowd, including a lot on me since I was in the front row. Pat Burrell had his big dog, Elvis, sitting right next to him in the parade.

When the players arrived, there was deafening noise. The fans had been cheering all day up to that point. They cheered for passing cars, police officers, fake-Rockies, and even a man on stilts with a Phillies flag. They didn't even shut off Broad Street until the beginning of the parade, so cars full of fans were honking all day.

I got home around 3:00, just in time to see the players arrive at Lincoln Finacial Field and the Bank. That's right, they filled both stadiums with fans for a big celebration at the end of the parade.

The parade was a great experience for me and all Phillie fans there. But like Cole Hamels said, I could go for a few more parades up Broad Street before it's all said and done.

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