Sunday, October 4, 2009

NFL Picks of the Week: Early Games

Sorry I didn't post my picks of the week last week but I was sick and didn't really have time to. Here are my Week 4 picks:

Seahawks at Colts-1:oo PM ET
Vegas Line: Colts by 11
My pick: Colts
My projected score: 28-14 Colts win
Comments: Go with the Colts on this one. I know their defense is banged up but their offense will score enough points to make up for it.

Lions at Bears-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Bears by 10
My Pick: Lions
My projected score: 24-21 Bears win
Comments: Coming off their big win against the 'Skins, the Lions will give a good showing in Chicago. I still think the Bears will win , but just barely.

Bengals at Browns-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Bengals by 7
My pick: Bengals
My projected score: 31-17 Bengals win
Comments: Don't over-think this game. Go with the Bengals. They are 2-1 and the Browns are 0-3. Carson Palmer will lit up the Browns' secondary.

Giants at Chiefs-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Giants by 10
My pick: Giants
My projected score: 35-10 Giants win
Comments: Very conservative line. I thought it would be like -14 for the Giants. So, take advantage of this line and go G-Men.

Ravens at Patriots-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Patriots by 2
My pick: Ravens
Projected score: 21-17 Ravens win
Comments: This game is basically a tossup. Whoever you think will win is who you should bet on.

Buccaneers at Redskins-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Redskins by 8
My pick: Buccaneers
Projected score: 13-10 Buccs win
Comments: The Redskins lost to the Lions last week, and they will keep up it up against the Buccs. I would pick the Buccs even if the Redskins win because they won't win big.

Titans at Jaguars-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Titans by 3
My pick: Jaguars
Projected score: 21-14 Jaguars win
Comments: The Titans haven't won a game yet. When I compare the teams I just think the Jaguars have more talent. Maurice Jones-Drew will have a big game today.

Raiders at Texans-1:00 PM ET
Vegas Line: Texans by 9
My pick: Texans
Projected score: 24-10 Texans win
Comments: No comment

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