Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phillies-Rockies Game 3 Canceled

Tonight's Phillies-Rockies game, scheduled for tonight at Coors Field, has been canceled due to cold and snowy weather. The forecast in Denver tonight was snow and temperatures in the 20s, which would have shattered the record for the coldest playoff game (38°F) in MLB history. It would have been a messy game, and no one likes a game dictated by weather.

So here's the schedule as we know it now: Game 3- Sunday at 10:07pm ET on TBS, Game 4- Monday time TBD, Game 5 (if needed)- Tuesday. Because of this postponed game, there will not be a travel day going back to Philly for a possible Game 5.

Yesterday, Charlie Maneul announced that Pedro Martinez will pitch Game 3, and I expect that decision to stand even with the schedule change. Many people in Philadelphia are wondering if making Pedro is the right decision.

Most people thought that J. A. Happ or Joe Blanton were going to start. Many were not even considering Pedro. But Charlie was. Maybe he considered Pedro's playoff experience, or his 5-1 record with the team.

Nobody can really criticize Manuel's decision, until game time comes. Cliff Lee worked out in Game 1, maybe Pedro will work out in Game 3. Let's just hope the weather forecast changes for tomorrow night!

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