Sunday, October 4, 2009

NFL Picks of the Week: Late Games

Bills at Dolphins-4:05pm ET
Vegas Line: Bills by 1
My pick: Dolphins
Projected score: 21-17 Dolphins win
Comments: I really think the Dolphins should be favored here. Even with Chad Pennington injured, I still think the Dolphins will earn the win.

Jets at Saints-4:05pm ET
Vegas Line: Saints by 8
My pick: Jets
Projected score: 35-31 Saints win
Comments: This should be a really good game, but I think the Saints firepower will win in the end.

Cowboys at Broncos-4:15pm ET
Vegas Line: Cowboys by 3
My pick: Cowboys
Projected score: 24-20 Cowboys win
Comments: The 3-0 Broncos will face a tough test against the Cowboys. I think the Cowboys will come through in the end because of their overall talent on defense and offense.

Rams at 49ers-4:15pm ET
Vegas Line: 49ers by 10
My pick: 49ers
Projected score: 28-10 49ers win
Comments: The Rams are awful. Need I say more?

Chargers at Steelers-8:20pm ET
Vegas Line: Steelers by 7
My pick: PUSH
Projected score: 28-21 Steelers win
Comments: This will be a good game, but I think Pittsburgh will win because of their defense.

Monday Night Game-8:30pm ET

Packers at Vikings
Vegas Line: Vikings by 4
My pick: Vikings
Projected score: 27-14 Vikings win
Comments: Brett Favre will be able to get his revenge against the Green Bay Packers for the first time tomorrow. I think his Vikings will win this game more because of Adrian Peterson and less about him.

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