Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rollins Wins it For Phils

I was going to post about this game last night, but my internet went down immediately after the game for some reason. Jimmy Rollins came up big when it mattered most, when the Phillies were down a run in the 9th. With 2 runners on and 2 out, J-Roll stroked a 99 MPH fastball into the gap in right-center field. Both runs scored and the Phillies won the ballgame with one swing of the bat.

I have seen everything now. There's nothing you can't expect from this Phillies team. I mean I was packing it up! I was getting ready to go to bed! But then Jimmy Rollins stunned the city of Philadelphia (probably LA too) and got the game-winning hit. J-Roll had looked bad all night up until that point but, Boy did he ever deliver!

I'm not going to go through my usual game summary like I do when I post right after the game. Because, by now, you have seen the highlights and read other game summaries. I will be in attendance tomorrow for Game 5. Of course, they better clinch it at the Bank tomorrow.

Cole Hamels will be on the mound against the Dodgers Vicente Padilla. Padilla, a former Phillies, has been lights-out this postseason. He pitched in Game 2, the only game the Dpdgers have won in the series. Maybe the Phillies will hit him though, since they've already seen him in the series.

Cole Hamels needs to pick his game up big time. Simple as that. He has given up 4 runs in each of his 2 starts of the postseason. He has not finished the 6th inning in either of those starts, and he has a 6.97 ERA this postseason. Let's hope he can get it together tomorrow (PLEASE!)

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