Sunday, December 2, 2007

BCS All Screwed Up

This college football season has been something to watch. The number 1 and 2 teams were beat last night (Missouri and West Virginia). So, who will play in the BCS Championship? No one is really sure, but Ohio State will most likely play the game. They are 11-1 and currently ranked number 3. They didn't even play in their conference championship game and they could be ranked number one after the new rankings are releashed. The other team playing in the championship could be Georgia, Kansas, maybe even West Virginia, Virginia Tech, LSU, USC, Oklahoma; Florida, Boston College and Hawaii also have a slight chance of making it to the big game.

The Georgia Bull Dogs are 10-2 but both their losses have come against unranked teams (South Carolina and Tennessee). They also beat 4 ranked teams including Florida by 12 points.

Kansas also has a chance to be in this championship game. They were ranked number one a few weeks ago and their record this year is 11-1. Their only loss came at the hands of Missouri.

West Virginia may have a chance even though they lost last night to Pitt. Their record is 10-2 with their two losses coming against Southern Florida and Pittsburgh. I don't think they will make it into the big game because they lost to Pitt when they were favored by four touchdowns.

Virginia Tech is 11-2 this season and they are right in the mix when it comes to championship talk. They beat Boston college to win the ACC crown. Their two losses came against LSU and Boston College (both teams were ranked number 2 in the country at the time.) I think they have a very good chance at playing Ohio State in the championship game.

LSU won the SEC Championship against Tennessee yesterday. They are 10-2 on the year, with their two losses coming at the hands of Kentucky and Arkansas. They are right in the thick of BCS talk these days

USC, always in the running for a championship birth, has a chance this year but that loss against Stanford might just kill their hopes.

Oklahoma has a decent argument themselves. They are 11-2 and just beat the Missouri Tigers to win the Big 12 title. The beat Missouri twice and Texas once but lost at unranked Colorado and Texas Tech. They have one of the best teams in the country and they took out the number 1 team with ease last night.

Hawaii is the only team in the conversation without a loss but the only ranked team they played was Boise State but was that their fault? No, but that might be the determining factor on whether they play in the big one or not. They did blow out most of their schedule, however.

This may be the year that ruins the BCS bowl system. There are just two many teams at the same level as each other and they all have the right to play for the championship. You could pick anyone to play: Ohio State, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, etc., but there will still be those teams that say, "Why not us!" I think that a playoff system will solve this pressing issue. This will be interesting to watch.


  1. VT got screwed. They won their title game and beat a better team than LSU. BC was one of the best teams in the country at one time. Are you kidding me!!!

  2. BCS is screwed up and shame on Missouri Atheletic department for accepting a bid to anything less than a BCS bowl. It is time for someone to stand up a make a statement here.