Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eagles-Seahawks Preview

The Eagles will play the Seahawks today at a freezing Lincoln Finacial Field this afternoon. The Eagles have a tough task in beating a hot 7-4 team with a three game winning streak. The Seahawks are also second in the league in sacks, only behind the Giants. It looks as if A.J. Feeley will get the start today and I think that is a good decsion considering the great pentration and pressure this team has on its defense. Donovan McNabb likes to hold the ball to the last minute bfore he throws but A.J. Feeley seems to throw it as soon as he sees a receveir with a inch of room. A.J.'s method will work better this afternoon, being as though the Sehawks figure not to give the quarterback that much time in the pocket. Matt Hasslebeck will be the starter for the Seahawks. He will be tough to handle but if you get good pressure on him, he will make mistakes. Shaun Alexander will play today after missing the last three games, but he has not played like his former self this year. Needless to say, Brian Westbrook has to have a good game this week for the Eagles to win, almost like he does every week.

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