Monday, December 17, 2007

Improbable Victory

The Eagles pulled off an improbable 10-6 victory over the rival Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles got revenge for a loss to Dallas earlier this season. Tony Romo, who has played almost flawlessly this season, threw three picks. It seemed as if Romo was distracted by his latest girl friend, Jessica Simpson. The Birds' D held up well against the high-powered Dallas offense. The D held the Cowboys to two field goals. The Cowboys only got thirty-some yards on the ground. The Eagles defense has made a great turnaround in the run defense. Last year they did everything but escort the other teams' running back to a first down every play. This year, they are like a brick wall. Brian Dawkins had his first interception of the year. Lito Sheppard covered T.O. well, holding him to a mediocre two catches. McNabb did okay even though he had pressure on him the whole game.
The Eagles seem to play better when their not supposed to have a chance to put up a fight. In this game nobody thought they had a chance. They played average but average was good enough to beat the best team in the NFC. Sounds familiar (the Patriots game).

The Eagles are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet. They still have a small chance at the second NFC wild card spot. They are 6-8, however, and have a very minuscule chance at the playoffs. The best record they can finish with is 8-8. They would have to beat the Buffalo and New Orleans to get to the .500 mark.

It is always a good week when the Eagles beat the 'Boys, however, especially when they are under dogs. Even though, the Eagles have been playing at a relatively low level. The Eagles can rejoice for a couple more days until they have to start to prepare for the Saints.

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