Saturday, December 15, 2007

NFL Picks of the Week

Last Week: 10-4

Tonight's game:

Cincinnati at San Francisco: winner- Cincinnati
Spread: Cincinnati by 9
My Prediction: Bengals 35, 49ers 14
The Bengals offense is just too explosive for the 49ers to handle.

Sunday's games:

Buffalo at Cleveland: winner- Cleveland
Spread: Cleveland by 5 1/2
My Prediction: Browns 28, Bills 24
This should be a very hard-fought game by two playoff-starved teams. Derek Anderson will lead the Browns to victory on the last drive of the game.

Tennessee at Kansas City: winner- Tennessee
Spread: Tennessee by 3 1/2
My Prediction: Titans 24, Chiefs 14
Vince Young needs to step up and lead this team to victory if the Titans want any shot at the playoffs. Young will have a great game.

Green Bay at St. Louis: winner- Green Bay
Spread: Green Bay by 9
My Prediction: Packers 31, Rams 24
The Rams are starting to show some life and they will make this game fairly competitive against a good Packers team. Ryan Grant has been playing phenomenal in recent games and don't expect that to change.

Baltimore at Miami: winner- Miami
Spread: Baltimore by 3
My Prediction: Dolphins 17, Ravens 14
The Dolphins will be playing their hardest this week because this might be the only chance they have to win a game. The next two games are against New England and Cincinnati. Wouldn't it be cool if the Dolphins played the Patriots on the last week of the season. Both teams would have exact opposite records if they continued at their current pace. Back to this week's game, the Dolphins will just edge out the Ravens in a mistake-filled contest.

New York Jets at New England: winner- New England
Spread: New England by 23 1/2
My Prediction: New England 56, Jets 13
This game is a rematch of the opening game of the season in which the Jets coach, Eric Mangini, ratted the Patriots out for video taping the Jet's defensive signals. That made the Pats mad and now they have made an historical run in which they won every game and blew out most. The whole league hated the Pats for cheating after that and now the Pats want revenge. The will show no mercy in this outing.

Arizona at New Orleans: winner- New Orleans
Spread: New Orleans by 3 1/2
My Prediction: Saints 28, Cardinals 14
With Fitzgerald and Boldin not at 100% for the Cards, they will lose against a pass-happy Drew Brees. He will be pass-happy because Reggie Bush is out for the season.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh: winner- Pittsburgh
Spread: Pittsburgh by 3
My Prediction: Steelers 35, Jaguars 31
This will be a very close and high-scoring game between two 9-4 teams in the playoff hunt. Pittsburgh will just win this game on the last drive of the game. Look for Willie Parker to step it up.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: winner- Tampa Bay
Spread: Tampa by 13 1/2
My Prediction: Bucs 35, Falcons 10
Things get even worse for the Falcons as the Bucs clinch a playoff spot.

Seattle at Carolina: winner- Seattle
Spread: Seahawks by 8
My Prediction: Seahawks 38, Panthers 13
The Seahawks are coming off a nice stretch and should blow out disappointing Carolina.

Indianapolis at Oakland: winner- Indianapolis
Spread: Indy by 11
My Prediction: Colts 34, Raiders 17
The Colts will thrash the Raiders with good running from Joseph Addai.

Philadelphia at Dallas: winner- Dallas
Spread: Dallas by 10 1/2
My Prediction: Cowboys 41, Eagles 20
I am sorry to say that T.O. and the gang will put a whipping once again on the Eagles. Tony Romo will have a great game along with Jason Witten but I don't see T.O. making too much of a splash.

Detroit at San Diego: winner- San Diego
Spread: San Diego by 10 1/2
My Prediction: San Diego 34, Lions 21
The Lions have been playing awful of late, but they will do o.k. in defeat.

Washington at New York Giants: winner- Giants
Spread: Giants by 5
My Prediction: Giants 24, Redskins 14
The Redskins might have had a chance if Jason Campbell hadn't got injured. With Todd Collins at the helm, I don't think the Redskins can overtake the Giants.

Monday Night:

Chicago at Minnesota: winner- Minnesota
Spread: Minnesota by 10
My Prediction: Vikings 31, Bears 13
The Viks running combination this season is one of the best ever. Simple as that.

My Game Breakers:

Derek Anderson: The Browns QB will have a great game against the Bills this week. I expect him to lead the Browns on some very important drives in this close game. Anderson has stepped up all year for this Browns team and has lead them into the playoffs.

Vince Young: Even though he hasn't been playing as well this year, I think Vince Young will step it up and be a leader this week for the Titans. He will use his arm and his legs to beat the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.

Ryan Grant: He has unsuspectingly stepped up in the starting roll at running back for the Green Bay Packers and has been playing very well. That won't change tommorow as he probably will approach 200 yards.

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