Friday, July 24, 2009

Phillies Pushing for Halladay

        While Matt Holliday was traded earlier today, Roy Halladay hasn't been moved... yet.  Blue Jays officials have been giving mixed signals all week, as have the Phillies.  But it now looks like that, if Halladay is moved, it will be to the Fightin' Phils.

        Halladay is starting for the Jays tonight, and Phillies representatives will be there, according to Danny Knobler of CBS.  Officials from the Red Sox and Brewers reportedly have left Toronto.  The two teams apparently still in the Halladay sweepstakes are the Phils and maybe the Dodgers.

        Also according to Knobler, a person involved said, "It's obvious they have to move him now." 
It looks like everything maybe falling into place for the Phils.

        John Heyman of SI tweeted that the Phillies will give up J.A. Happ or Kyle Drabek for Halladay.  He believes the Phils will get Halladay.

        The Phillies probably would also have to give up Michael Taylor or Dominic Brown, Carlos Carrasco (whom the Jays are scouting tonight), and infielder Jason Donald.  Hopefully, the Phillies will pull off this deal because it gives them the best chance to win the World Series this year.

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