Monday, July 27, 2009

Selig Considering Reinstating Rose

        MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is considering reinstating Pete Rose back into Major League Baseball according to the New York Daily News.  Pete Rose has the most hits (4256) in his career than anybody.  He played 19 years with the Reds, 5 with the Phillies, and 1 with the Expos.  

        Selig should pull a Roger Goodell and conditionally reinstate Rose (as Goodell did Michael Vick earlier today).  Selig should let Rose be nominated for the Hall of Fame.  Rose, however, shouldn't be allowed to earn a paycheck from a MLB team.  Rose should be allowed to attend games.

        Pete Rose was banned from baseball 20 years ago for betting on the game while he was a manager.  This makes me think: Should players who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs be banned from baseball?  Players who test positive twice or more should be banned from the game.

        In baseball's current system, a player who tests positive once will be suspended for 5o games.  A second positive test will result in a 100 game suspension.  A third positive test results in a lifetime ban from the game. 

        The MLB should have only two penalties.  In my system, a player who tests positive once should get a 100 game suspension.  Another positive test for that player should result in a lifetime ban.  You should get a second chance but not a third.

        So that means is Manny Ramirez or J. C. Romero test positive again, I believe they should be banned from the game for life.  If my plan was put in place at the beginning of testing, only Neifi Perez would have received a lifetime ban for his two positive tests in 2007.   

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