Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Needs Halladay when You Have Happ?

        The Phillies beat the Marlins again today behind the pitching of J. A. Happ.  The Phillies swept three games from the Marlins down in Miami.  Happ pitched great, pitching 7 shutout innings.  He is 7-o this season with a 2.68 ERA.  Happ has been the pleasant surprise in the Phillies rotation.

        Happ has been mentioned as possible trade bait for Roy Halladay.  By the way, Halladay pitched a complete game today, giving up only one run against Boston.  I'm not sure the Phillies should give up Happ for Halladay.

        Happ's success isn't a fluke.  When you go undefeated in 7 decisions with a below-3 ERA, your not just a flash in the pan.  Happ is a good pitcher who can excel at the Major League level.

        With today's win the Phillies have a 7 game lead in the NL East.  The Phillies are arguably the hottest team in baseball.  They have won 8 straight ball games and 12 out of 15 this month.  Maybe the Phils don't need to give up their farm for Halladay.  It's not as if getting Halladay will guarantee the Phillies another World Series.

        The Phillies interest in Halladay is as high as ever.  According to Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun, Phillies adviser (and former GM) Pat Gillick was in Toronto to watch Halladay toss his complete game.  Also reportedly there were executives from Brewers, Rangers, and White Sox.




  1. Happ isn't as great as you claim. At best he pans out to be a number 3 in the rotation. You wouldn't give that up for Halladay? You can throw numbers at me now, but Kyle Kendrick's rookie numbers were impressive, also. You see where that got him?

  2. However, I do agree with you saying the Phillies don't need Halladay to go down Broad Street, again.

  3. You may be right. Happ's early success may be due to the fact that the hitters never saw him before.