Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poor Pirate Fans

        The Pittsburgh Pirates made two big deadline moves yesterday and one move today.  First, they traded away shortstop Jack Wilson and pitcher Ian Snell to Seattle for Ronny Cedeno, Jeff Clement and four prospects.  The Pirates also traded away three-time all-star second basemen Freddy Sanchez to the Giants for pitching prospect Tim Alderson.  Today, the Pirates traded John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny to the Cubs for Kevin Hart, Jose Ascanio, and Josh Anderson.

        So, in one day, the Pirates traded away both their starting middle infielders for prospects.  The 31-year old Wilson was batting .267 with 4 homers and 31 RBIs.  Wilson is a solid hitter and a good defender.  

        The Mariners also received 27-year old pitcher Ian Snell, who was pitching in Triple A for the Pirates.  Seattle hopes that Snell can restart his career after winning 14 games in 2006.

        Cedeno will probably start at shortstop for the last-place Pirates.  Cedeno is batting average is only .167 but he does have 5 homers.  Cedeno is no where close to the hitter Wilson was for the Pirates.

        In the other deal yesterday, the Giants will receive second basemen Freddy Sanchez from the Pirates.  Sanchez should help the Giants struggling offense a lot.  He is batting .296 with 6 homers and 34 RBIs.  Sanchez must be happy to go from a last-place team to a team (the Giants) who are contending for the NL Wild card.  Sanchez will most likely play in tonight's game against the Phillies.

        The 20-year old pitcher Tim Alderson was the fourth ranked prospect in the Giants system.  He is a good prospect but he will not help the Pirates win this season or next.

         The Cubs have been looking for a lefty out of the pen and Grabow should fill that void.  Grabow has a 3.42 ERA pitching this season for the Pirates.

         If I'm a Pirates fan, I'm disgusted.  The Pirates are in last place and basically trading away any quality player on their team.  The last time the Pirates had a winning record for a season was in 1992.  That's 16 years and they are still trying to rebuild their team... poor Pirates fans!  


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