Monday, September 14, 2009

Eagles Bring Back Garcia

The Eagles have added to their quarterback depth today, signing former-Raiders QB Jeff Garcia, who will be in his second stint as an Eagle. The Eagles needed to add another quarterback after McNabb's rib injury yesterday. McNabb hasn't ruled out playing Sunday, but most reports are saying that there is no way McNabb can play on a broken rib in one week.

So now more quarterback controversies. Garcia did well in his stint as an Eagle, going 5-1 while McNabb was injured. So will he get the start over Kevin Kolb? He knows the Eagles offense, but I doubt Reid would start Garcia over Kolb. It would show that Reid lacked trust in Kolb.

With that said, I think Garcia should get the start. Even at 39, I believe Garcia is a better option than Kevin Kolb. Kolb has shown glimpses of talent in the preseason, but Garcia is a stable veteran who is a playmaker.

No, Garcia isn't a threat to throw the long ball, but he is a playmaker. Kolb is not a playmaker from what I have seen. A playmaker is a guy who can make the right play even if the play breaks down or the rush gets to him.

"Whether it's a week or two weeks or the entire season, I'm excited about the opportunity," Garcia said in a conference call. "As far as a team I can go to and blend right in, this is the team for me to do that."

Andy Reid called Jeff Garcia a "positive influence on Kolb." I'm hoping this move wasn't just for that. Speaking of moves, according to Sal Paolantonio, the Eagles are looking to trade wide receiver Hank Baskett for a draft pick to make room for Garcia on the roster.

Now here's an interesting situation: McNabb is still hurt Week 3 and can't play. Kolb starts Week 2 and does poorly and is replaced by Garcia who does less poorly, but still poorly. Mike Vick is eligible for Week 3. Could he be the Week 3 starter? .... hmmmm.

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  1. this collection of Eagles QB's is utterly amazing, because never would I believe all 4 would occupy the same roster.