Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michigan Stuns Notre Dame

Michigan went 3-9 last year. This Michigan is clearly not the same Michigan team from last year. Freshman quarterback Tate Forcier lead Michigan to a late victory over Notre Dame earlier today at Michigan Stadium.

Notre Dame fell behind earlier but then took the lead late 34-31. One thing I can say about this game was that the refereeing was some of the worst I have seen. But at least the refs were consistently wrong I guess.

So anyway, Notre Dame forced a Michigan punt late in the game but couldn't capitalize. Tate Forcier then lead a great drive down the field to win the game.

Remember the name Tate Forcier because he is going to be a great player. He is a true freshmen who showed today that he can be a good quarterback even against a tough defense. Maybe not this year, but in the coming years, expect Forcier to be a Heismann candidate.

Forcier's accuracy was perfect today. He put balls right into the hands of the receivers and away from the defenders (something Jimmy Clausen couldn't do. Forcier can also run the ball himself for huge gains, like he did on his 31-yard touchdown run up the middle.

Now to Notre Dame. Jimmy Clausen did not look really good in this game. When Michigan blitzed, Clausen wasn't able to escape the defenders and make a good pass (which Forcier was able to do). Clausen would just throw it up.

The Irish better hope that WR Michael Floyd's injury is not serious. He is tall (6'3'') and fast. He is only a sophomore and has the potential of becoming a star wideout.

This was a game Notre Dame was supposed to win. I know that Michigan is a tough team to play at home but they were 3-9 last year. But who knows? Maybe Michigan will be really good this year.

Charlie Weis better correct the mistakes that Notre Dame made today. His job will depend on whether Notre Dame can reach a BCS bowl, and 1-1 is not a good start.

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