Monday, September 14, 2009

Pedro Tosses Beauty

The Phillies have one every one of Pedro Martinez's 7 starts. Pedro earned 5 of the wins himself, and last night's game against the Mets was his best start yet. Pedro seems to be getting better and better as his arm strengthens. Pedro went 8 scoreless innings, with only one run of support.

Pedro was well over 100 pitches in the 8th inning with a runner on second and two outs when Charlie Manuel came out to the mound. Everyone in the ballpark thought Pedro was done for the night, but Charlie wisely left Pedro in and he (well Carlos Ruiz) delivered.

David Murphy took off for third on a pitch in dirt from Pedro. Ruiz made a nice block and fired a throw right to third, nailing Murphy. It was a emphatic play that ended the inning and capped off Pedro's beauty. Why Murphy took off for third on that play is beyond me... but it's probably just good old Mets baseball.

Pedro has certainly done his job since joining the Phillies. He is 5-0 with a 2.87 ERA in 7 starts. The Phils couldn't have expected more from him. I do not see how he doesn't make the playoff rotation if he continues pitching well.

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