Saturday, September 12, 2009

NFL Picks of the Week

Here are my world-famous NFL picks of the week
Week 1: Sunday

Miami at Atlanta
Vegas Line: Atlanta by 4
My pick: Atlanta
Projected score: 28-21 Atanta wins
Comments: The Dolphins defense won't be able to handle all Atlanta's offensive weapons (Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan, Roddy White.

Broncos At Bengals
Vegas Line: Bengals by 6
My pick: Broncos
Projected score: 24-21 Bengals win
Comments: I always used to pick the Bengals to win because of their high-powered passing game. I am wiser now and I have learned that they have no running game or defense, so I believe they will just edge out the Broncos.

Vikings at Browns
Vegas Line: Vikings by 4
My pick: Vikings
Projected score: 31-10 Vikings win
Comments: That's a very conservative line. The Browns defense, while improved, is not good enough to stop Peterson from going 100+ yards. The Vikings defense will not allow much to Brady Quinn and the Browns. Very safe bet to go Vikes here.

Jaguars at Colts
Vegas Line: Colts by 7
My pick: Colts
Projected score: 34-21 Colts win
Comments: The Jaguars were horrendous last year and the Colts will come out firing in week 1 and it would be a safe bet to go Colts here.

Lions at Saints
Vegas Line: New Orleans by 14
My pick: Lions
Projected score: 31-21 Saints win
Comments: New Orleans' D is too suspect to rely on. While the offense will have no trouble putting up points on the board. But the defense has trouble stopping most attacks even the feeble Lions.

Cowboys at Buccaneers
Vegas line: Cowboys by 5
My pick: Cowboys
Projected score: 24-1o Cowboys win
Comments: Nothing really to say here. Very conservative line (for some reason). Byron Leftwich is not a bad QB, but how will he handle the Cowboy rush. Safe bet says Cowboys roll.

Eagles at Panthers
Vegas Line: Panthers by 3
My pick: PUSH
Projected score: 24-21 Panthers win
Comments: This is a very tough game to wager on. It's all about who comes out better and scores first. I'm going to go with Carolina because I think DeAngelo Williams will run over the Eagle D.

Chiefs at Ravens
Vegas line: Baltimore by 13
My pick: Ravens
Projected score: 28-7 Ravens win
Comments: Doesn't matter whether Matt Cassel plays week 1 or not. The Ravens D is so stingy that I see the Chiefs only getting 1 lucky TD. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will have a field day against the woeful Chiefs.

Jets at Texans
Vegas Line: Texans by 4
My pick: Texans
Projected score: 24-10 Texans win
Comments: The Texans are a good team and their defense will pressure rookie Mark Sanchez to no end. Pretty safe bets to go with the Texans here.

Redskins at Giants
Vegas Line: Giants by 7
My pick: Giants
Projected score: 27-14
Comments: No comment. I don't like praising the Giants more than I have done already.

49ers at Cardinals
Vegas Line: Cardinals by 6
My pick: Cardinals
Projected score: 23-1o Cardinals win
Comments: The 49ers have a good D and a decent offense but Shaun Hill will not be able to throw against the Cardinals talented secondary. Safe bet to go with the Cards here.

Rams at Seahawks
Vegas Line: Seahawks by 8
My pick: Seahawks
Projected score: 27-6
Comments: Don't ever bet with the Rams during an away game. Just a rule because they were atrocious last year.

Bears at Packers
Vegas Line: Packers by 4
My pick: Bears
Projected score: 17-14 Bears win
Comments: I'm a little surprised by the line here. The Bears defense is flat-out stingy against the run and is OK against the pass. Expect Matt Forte to go 100+ yards, helping out Jay Cutler in his debut.

Week 1-Monday

Bills at Patriots
Line: Pats by 11
My pick: Patriots
Projected score: 35-14
Comments: Do I need to explain?

Chargers at Raiders
Vegas Line: Chargers by 9
My pick: Chargers
Projected score: 30-7
Comments: Vegas is being conservative with this one. Not even home-field advantage can save the Raiders from getting blown out (well, I didn't expect JaMarcus Russell). Expect the Chargers to trounce the Raiders.

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