Saturday, August 4, 2007

Barajas on 15-day disabled list

This may be a good thing for the Phillies. Rod Barajas is hitting an atrocious .214. Chris Coste should be the starting catcher. He is batting .345. Barajas is getting 3million this year and is not earning it. Carlos Ruiz is a little better than Barajas, batting .254. Barajas is more of an underachviever than the whole Phillies club. They better drop him next year. He has just 4 homeruns and a dismal nine RBI's. I would have more RBI's if I played for the Phillies. I don't know why Coste wasn't the starter to begin with. He batted .328 in 65 games in 2006. Barajas has a strained right groin. Good riddance.

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