Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Review: Bronx is Burning

The Bronx is Burning was an 8-week series on ESPN about the 1977 New York Yankees. It ended last night. It came on every tuesday at 10:oo and ended at 11:oo. Just to give you an overview of the show, it is about how the Yankees overcame clubhouse issues and Red Sox to win the pennant and ultimately the 1977 World Series. Reggie Jackson is brought in by George Steinbrenner, the Yankees owner. Yankee manager, Billy Martin doesn't like Jackson's superstar attitude. The show also explains the police struggling to capture the .45 caliber killer. Steinbrenner wants to control the managers decisions and tempermental Martin doesn't like that. The Yankees win the Series in game 6 as Jackson hits three homers. They win it at home in Yankee Stadium (above). If you want to know more, they will probably show it again on ESPN.
I will give it 5 stars. Even if you are not a Yankee fan (I'm not really one), you will enjoy this great baseball story.

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