Friday, August 17, 2007

Vick Might Agree to Plea Bargain

Micheal Vick, of course, is being charged with being involved in a dogfighting ring. It took place on his property. Vick is reportingly being advised by his lawyers to take a plea bargain, in which he will spend 1 year in jail and will pay a fine.
Why in the world would Micheal Vick get involved in dogfighting, which is inhumane in every meaning of the world. He was a famous football player and the face of the Atlanta Falcons. He had multi-million-dollar endorsements. Why would he get into something that is illegal and is reserved mostly for street thugs. For those who say that they are targeting him because he is famous, are wrong because one of his dogfighting buddies said that Vick was involved and that he provided the betting finances. Heck, the fighting ring is on his property! It is said that Vick electrocuted and killed dogs that underachieved in fights. Think of all kids who saw Micheal Vick as a role model.
Micheal Vick will probably never play professional football again, here's why: A team that takes a chance on Vick will completely destroy their public relations. Their would be protesters outside that team's stadium with picket signs.
Vick is stupid to even get into to something like that, let alone running it. Vick will have to decide today whether or not he will accept the plea bargain. I think he will.

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