Monday, August 6, 2007

Burrell Picks it up

Pat Burrell practically had a for sale sign this offseason and at the halfway point of this season. Pat had the worst first half of the season of his entire career in 2007. One of the worst months of Burrell's career came in June. He hit .129 in 24 games. He had 8 hits, 2 homers, and 9 RBI's. At this point Burrell was getting booed every at bat at the Phillies own Citizens Bank Park and the Phillies organization did everything but give him away. I think if he wasn't making millions of dollars, Phillies management would have sent him down to triple AAA Ottawa. His starting job was being taken by Michael Bourn and Jayson Werth. Pat is batting .443 after the all-star game so far, with 31 hits, 6 home runs and 21 RBIs. He is first in batting for the Phils after the all-star game. He is second on the team in hits, home runs and RBIs after the all-star game. Burrell had one of the best months of his career in July, in 24 games he batted .435. He had 30 hits, 6 homers, and 22 RBIs. Now compare his June numbers with his July numbers. He batted .314 points better in July. He had 23 more hits, 4 more homers, and 12 more RBIs in July. Now think of that much change in only a month's worth of games. That must be one of the best hitting turnarounds in such a short time in the history of Major League Baseball. The Phillies need Burrell's hot bat to help them outrun the the New York Mets in the N.L. East because star second baseman Chase Utley and rightfielder Shane Victorino are injured. The Phillies are 5 games behind the Mets in the N.L. East and 2 games back in the N.L. wild card race. The Phillies are going to need Burrell and everything they got to get to the playoffs for the first time since 1993.

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