Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eagles Training Camp Update

Training Camp ends today for the Philadelphia Eagles at Lehigh University. Their first preseason game is at 7:00, Monday, against the Baltimore Ravens. The camp has been relatively good for the Eagles but one is left to think if it is the calm before the storm. Their have been no serious injuries so far, but a lot of minor nuisances at the camp.
Many players have made themselves known at this years camp, including new wide reciever Kevin Curtis. He has made some great catches at camp. He played for the St. Louis Rams the last few years and was overshadowed by Torry Holt and Issac Bruce. He will most likely be the number 2 option behind Reggie Brown. While their is no real star number 1 option, Brown is looking to step it up in his third season.
Their have been many good stories this year at camp. Rookie running back Tony Hunt, out of Penn. State, is showing his stuff. Rookie defensive end Victor Abiamiri is looking good and may be able to make an impact this season. Jevon Kearse is looking terrific coming off an injury last season. Jeremiah Trotter says he was disapointed about the team's run defense and his overall play last season. He says he came into training camp thinner this season. New-comer Takeo Spikes is showing his big-hit ability.
Their is also that tiny little bug that flys around the coaches head and usually gets bigger as the season goes on. Injuries, every team has them. The only injury that makes you shudder is that of the recovering sports hernia that L.J Smith has. Now if you remember, that is the same injury that plagued Donovan McNabb in 2005. A sports hernia can be reagrivated. If your an Eagles fan you do not want that to happen to your solid tight end. Smith fell to the ground in practice to days ago. It was first said that he reagrivated his sports hernia. It was later said, by coach Andy Reid, that he strained his groin.
The offensive line has been showered with minor injuries. All-Star guard Shawn Andrews has a sprained right ankle and Andrew's backup, Scott Young was carted off the field because of a sprained right knee. Also offensive tackle Jon Runyan left the field with lower-back tightness.
One other injury note is that Brian Dawkins is starting to do drills
Now I will move on to the injury-prone quarterback Donovan McNabb. The Eagles season counts on Donovan McNabb, now that may seem like betting your life savings that a coin will land on heads. Donovan McNabb can lead this team to a Super Bowl, like he did in 2004, and have an MVP-caliber season. I think McNabb can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. That is if he can stay healthy. Now there is the question every Eagle fan should ask about this upcoming season because that is what will make or break their season. That is the difference between a 8-8 season and a Super Bowl win. It is easy to predict the Eagles will make the playoffs if McNabb stays healthy, but try predicting if McNabb will stay healthy or not. Because I know as an Eagles fan that my heart jumps every time he scrambles out of the pocket and a linebacker is closing in on him. So please ask your self, do you truly belive Mcnabb will stay healthy.
As for me I think he will finally stay healthy and the Eagles will win the NFC East, but we have been saying that for years, I know but it will finally happen. So please, leave your thoughts, prayers, or predictions for the Eagles.

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